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Turkish towels : Are they really worth it?

Maybe you're shopping for new towels. You're considering Turkish towels, and you're looking at prices, and you're wondering if they're really worth it.

In this post I'm going to answer all your questions about Turkish towels.

How to know if you're buying a good one. How much money to spend on them. Really, everything you need to know if you're considering buying Turkish towels. 

I was shopping online for a new pair of sweatpants. My old ones had holes in them and it was time for an upgrade. I ended up buying $79 sweatpants. Which frankly feels inappropriate. I could get a pair of Hanes Beefy Sweats for $7.50 at any discount store, after all.

So why would anyone pay $79 for sweatpants? Nobody really sees them. Is that actually worth it?

Yes, they’re both sweatpants. But there's a big difference between the two. The difference is they feel completely different. And they make me feel completely different.


I'll tell you, the $79 sweats feel amazing. They're soft and buttery to touch. I feel amazing every time I put them on (especially after wearing my 1/2 a size too small jeans all day).

The Hanes Beefy Sweats? They make me feel frumpy, sloppy, and lazy. So even at $7.50 this option is not worth it. Why would I want to feel frumpy?

And they're worth it because day after day, wash after wash, they still look great.

The color hasn't faded, the material hasn't pilled. They're holding up to daily use (yes, I wear my sweatpants everyday). 

And chances are I'm going to have these sweatpants for years. I won't need to replace them as often. They'll outlast a cheaply made pair 10x over. 


I’ve bought the cheap option. The “this is good-enough” option. 

I’ve done this over and over again.

And it usually results in wasted money and resources.

Mindless buying feels crummy.


But, I know you're here to learn about Turkish towels. So let's get into the details you need to know.  

 Turkish towel on bathtub


Towels are one of the most personal things you can buy.

What's more personal than a towel? (Okay, *maybe* the best answer here is underwear, but a towel comes in a close second.)

I mean, think about it. You use one every day, sometimes multiple times a day - to dry your hands, your face, and body. What is more intimate than something you wipe all over your naked body everyday? 

From that point of view, a towel transforms from a tool designed to keep you dry, into a key influence in how you feel in your home & daily routine. 

(and good towels shouldn't be saved just for your guests).

Hanging Turkish towels on hooks

But why Turkish towels?

The reason I love Turkish towels is they're super functional and they're beautiful. But I've devoted my life to Turkish towels, so I must love them. 

A customer reached out to me after she tried Turkish towels for the first time. She bought them for a beach vacation. She planned to stay at a resort but still wanted to bring her own towel. Using someone else's beach towel didn't sit right with her. 

She was so happy to have her own towel for sanitary reasons, but she also felt good showing off her new towel. 

"I know it sounds a little dumb, but I felt really proud of my towel. When I looked around and saw everyone using the resort towels, I liked that I was using my luxury towel. I felt good using it." - Carrie

Her towel was more than just a towel. It was a feel-good accessory for her trip. 

Turksih towels at Hawaii resort 


Of course there are also very practical reasons Turkish towels are worth it:

- Turkish towels are super soft. Turkish cotton is made up of extra long fibers, which means there are fewer seams needed, resulting in buttery smooth, ultra-soft towels. 

- They're more absorbent. Those long fibers do more than just make your towels soft. They help with absorbency too. In fact, this Bali Market towel can absorb over FOUR CUPS of water. Effortlessly leaving your skin feeling dry.

- Turkish towels are ultra lightweight. Extra long fibers are work again! Longer, more hard work fibers mean less bulk. Making them perfect for travel & small spaces. 


Packing Turkish towel in bag


- Less bulk =  quick drying. Which means you can hang them to dry. No dryer time. No musty stink. No more drying with a slightly damp towel. 

- Turkish towels are versatile. Their use goes way beyond the bathroom and beach. Placed on a hook, your Turkish towel goes from tool to beautiful wall art. Practice different wraps to turn you towel into a stylish swimsuit cover, sarong, or scarf. Need a blanket? From picnics to naps to planes - a Bali Market Turkish towel has you covered. 


Turkish towel sarong


 - Purchasing a real Turkish towel also means you're supporting a community. Families and entire communities depend on the production and sale of Turkish towels to support their livelihood. Every time you purchase a Bali Market towel you’re supporting a community, an ancient craft and a sustainable product. 

All in all, buying a Turkish towel just makes you feel better. 

But is it really worth it? Let's Do the Math.

Turkish towels range in price from $30-$65. So let's say you pay $40 for a towel. 

For $40 you get a bath towel + beach towel + blanket + coverup (sarong). 

Or you could buy them all individually.

$20 for a large bath towel + $20 for a beach towel + $40 for a blanket + $35 for a sarong. That's $115. Plus you now have to buy, care for, and store 4 different items. 

$40 vs. $150. That looks worth it to me.

And that's not even a stretch. We could go even further and say it replaces art (hang on a hook and BOOM - it’s bathroom decor. Plus it’s still fully functional as your daily towel). It replaces a table runner. A picnic blanket. Heck, I've even seen Turkish towels used as curtains in an RV.

There are so many uses for a Turkish towel. The math on whether or not they're worth it definitely checks out.

There are so many options. Which Turkish towel do I choose?

First things first - make sure you're shopping for quality towels. 

Because when it comes to Turkish towels, buying a cheaper towel isn't worth it.

Quality varies from weaver to weaver and a higher priced towel typically reflects a higher quality product. The average price range for a quality towel is $30-$65.  

You'll want to look for Turkish towels that are hand-loomed in Turkey, and made from 100% First Grade Turkish cotton. Turkish towels are not fast-fashion. They're an artisan crafted textile.

Pro tip: Avoid "made with Turkish cotton" - that means it's only partially made from Turkish cotton. It should say 100% Turkish Cotton.

Finding your perfect towel

We're all about simplicity at The Bali Market and that's why we work hard to provide the best Turkish towels for people who want to minimize and simplify their lives. 

And of course we think our towels are superior but who cares what we think? Carol from Boynton Beach, FL did a little research on her own. Testing out 3 different Turkish towel companies. Here's what she found out: 

"I live in Florida and spend time around the pool and beach, so thought I would try something different from the traditional beach towels. I ordered three different Turkish towels from three different companies and the one from Bali Market was by far the most attractive and the softest. I plan on ordering more." - Carol

Try Carol's favorite towel --- The Perfect Classic


Carrie had the same idea. She also tried towels from a few companies and here's her 5-Star review:


"This towel is perfect. It is soft and beautiful and makes me smile every time I use it. I have tried Turkish towels from three other companies and this one is the WINNER!!" -Carrie F. 

Try Carrie's favorite towel --- Waffle Weave


Here's a breakdown of all the towels we offer so you can buy what you need and leave what you don't. 

Bath Towels

The Perfect Classic Towel - The reviews don't lie, the Perfect Classic Towel is a Bali Market customer favorite. Soft, hand-woven, & simple, with fringe detailing. 

Ideal for: Bath and beach (hint: use this one as bathroom art, a cover up or dress!)

See what the fuss is about → 

The Essential Stripe Towel  - Love a plushier towel? This one's for you! Slightly thicker than The Perfect Classic Towel, The Essential Stripe has that classic, spa-day feel. 

Ideal for: The minimalist. It's extra thickness makes it great not just for bath & beach but as a blanket, yoga companion, table runner., wall name it, this towel can do it! 

Me + The Essential Stripe = match made in heaven! 

Waffle Weave Bath Towel - our waffle weave towel is the most absorbent of The Bali Market crew. It's also the most light-weight, making it a perfect travel companion. 

Ideal for: Bath and travel - The Waffle Weave Towel makes a super fabulous airplane blanket! 

Straightforward and simple? Sign me up! 

Hand Towels 

Turkish hand towel in bathroom


Hand towels that work seamlessly in the kitchen and bath. Designed to help you live with less, but better. This hardworking and beautiful towel is ready for the rigors of bathroom messes and kitchen spills (side note: this towel is the PERFECT size for drying hair!)


Turkish hand towels for kitchen

Turkish hand towel styled with coffee and eggs on kitchen counter

Ideal for: anyone who values function in design

Every bath towel needs a matching hand towel! 

Bath sets

Basic Bath towel set

Gunning to replace all of your worse-for-wear, not-so-pretty, old towels? These sets are for you. Bonus? All sets come at a discount - score! 

Ideal for: Everyone! These bath sets come in our top 4 Bali designs. 



Sets & savings - I’m in! 

Still not quite sure which towel is for you? Check us out on Instagram for more ideas! I’m happy to help you find the perfect fit so you can confidently live with less. 

Though if you ask me - you can’t really go wrong with any of them. 

Still need more proof?

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