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Turkish towels are all the rage these days (just scroll through Instagram and you'll see what I mean). It's no surprise because they do so much more than what a regular towel can do. It's true, it's not just a towel.

They're versatile, lightweight, and durable. And, they look super good, no matter how you use them. 

At The Bali Market we love that Turkish towels help you live a more minimalist life. We believe minimalism starts with useful and versatile products, and Turkish towels nail both usefulness and versatility.

That's just one reason we love Turkish towels. 

But you didn't click on this article to read about how awesome our Turkish towels are. You clicked to learn seven cool ways you can use Turkish towels. So, here's what we want you to know. 

We asked our customers their most favorite ways they use their Turkish towels from the The Bali Market. Here's what they had to say.  

1. Turkish towels make great table cloths or decorative runners

Sara of Larks & Co. (@shemley) used her Perfect Classic towel to set the table for a late afternoon lunch on the beach in Costa Rica. 

You certainly don't need a table on the beach in order to use a Turkish towel as a runner, though. The Bali Market Turkish towels can be used as a table runner to add a boho chic vibe to your casual get togethers. Think brunch, summer BBQs or lunch with the girls. 

To get the perfect towel for a tablecloth or runner, check out the Perfect Classic Towel.


2. Wrap a Turkish towel around your neck for a cute, warming scarf 



"This is the perfect day to wear a cozy scarf and i bet you can't tell it's actually a towel!" - @rophowa

"This Turkish beach towel doubles as a scarf!" 
- @vanessalandlt 

Rocco (@rophowa) and Vanessa (@vanessalandit) both used their towels in cooler weather as a scarf. The Bali Market's Waffle Weave towel is the perfect choice for this use. It's slightly plush, making it a perfect fluffy blanket scarf! 

Pro tip: If you're traveling, you can wear your Turkish towel as a scarf to the airport and then use it as a blanket on the plane. Talk about making the best use of this towel. Double duty!


Get this look with the Waffle Weave towel. 

3. Hang your Turkish towels on a ladder for simple, practical and minimalist home decoration

Our customers agree, Turkish towels are simply too pretty to hide in a closet. They love to show off their Turkish towels on hooks, shelves, baskets and ladders inside and outside the bathroom. They also love to throw them over their couches or favorite chairs and even as a throw blanket on their bed. They add a splash of color and a little bit of pattern and a boho chic vibe to their home.


Esther @thiswildheart styles her towel on a leaning wall ladder. It's a simple and practical way to store and display home linens.




Sarah of @flatcreekfarmhouse renovated her bathroom and used her Perfect Classic towel to compliment her vintage claw foot tub. She says:

"We have slowly been getting rid of all the normal bath towels in our home and switching over to either linen or these Turkish towels. The difference is amazing not only in quality but in the size and how quickly they dry after use."


4. Use your Turkish towel as a light throw blanket and cozy up in style

Turkish towels are generously sized and buttery soft for snuggling. Mix that with their pretty fringes and you get a towel that looks right at home on the couch.

Erin of @kismet_house is known for her boho-chic style and uses her towel as a light throw blanket in her CA 1970s beach house. She is so passionate about using her Perfect Classic towel as a throw blanket she joked "the first person that uses it as a towel will be severely punished!" 

But even if someone did use it as a towel, it would be just fine. Turkish towels soften with use so go ahead and use them!


Because they're light and compact they also make ideal travel blankets. Tuck one in your carry-on and you can use it to cover-up on a chilly airplane.

The Bali Market's Essential Stripe towel is thick and perfect as a throw blanket.

5. Wrap a Turkish towel around your hips as a sarong or beach coverup

You need a towel at the beach, why not have one that works as a stylish cover-up as well? Learning how to wear a Turkish towel is simple. You can wear it high like a dress or slung low on your hips like a skirt. Tuck it or tie it to get it to stay in place.

@excellentlynicole on the beach in Florida

6. Use your Turkish towel for a picnic blanket

The towels are oversized, but for a comfortable space to spread out and adequate room for the snacks, we recommend using one towel per 1-2 people and our blankets are perfect for even more people. 


7. Use your Turkish towel for travel - it's perfectly-sized for the beach and carry-on

You already know a Turkish towel makes a great sarong and picnic blanket. You also know it's perfect for adding texture and color around your home. Why not also use it as a beach towel?

Terry bath towels don't work well as beach towels. They're bulky and take forever to dry. It also looks like you just grabbed your bath towel and took it to the beach... You're chicer than that!

But Turkish towels work perfectly as both bath and beach towels. They have a casual beach style and they're so light they pack perfectly in your beach bag. Plus, they dry quickly so you'll never have to pack a damp towel for your trip home.

7 clever uses for Turkish Towels not enough? Check out these 27 practical ways to use a Turkish Towel.

I bet you're thinking seriously about getting a Turkish towel (or you're planning to get more, and I can't say I blame you). Here's two fun facts about Turkish towels:

They're versatile because they're thin:

The thin, flat weave fabric makes them more versatile than their bulky terry-cloth counterpart. It also means they'll dry faster and never get stinky. You'll easily find uses for them in all areas of your life.

Make Turkish towels absorbent 

How to Make Turkish Towels as Absorbent as Possible

---->>  Get Your FREE guide here

They'll help you de-clutter:

This one towel is all you'll need. You won't need to store different towels for bath and the beach. They're compact so they don't take up a bunch of space in your linen closet or suitcase when you travel. Turkish towels fit perfectly into a minimalist lifestyle. 

Here's What You Do Next:

1. Choose your favorite style and color 

2. Order 2 towels per person in your home - 2 bath + 2 hand and get the 2 hand towels FREE with code CLEVER7

3. Wash before using and use daily to soften and improve absorbency of your towels


Want a FULL guide to Turkish towels? Click to read ---> The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Turkish Towels

Guide to Turkish towels Everything You Need to Know


You can check out our About Us to see how we're cleaning up the junk in the Earth, in your home, and in your life. 

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