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Enjoy this guest blog post by Tanya Brothen of Travel, Upgraded


With my backpacking days well behind me, I’m now interested in comfortable, well-equipped travel. Which is why I always check a bag (yes, even for weekend trips), and why I have a list of items I refuse to travel without. 

One of those items is my Turkish towel from The Bali Market.


“But isn’t packing a towel is a waste of valuable suitcase space. After all, aren’t towels readily available at hotels and other lodging locales?”  Let me explain.


I pack my own towel (usually The Bali Market’s Perfect Classic) because it’s a travel-multitasker, coming in handy during a myriad of travel situations. For example:


  1. At the pool or the beach: At the hotel, it distinguishes my lounge chair from those that are using the resort’s standard poolside towels. At the beach, it’s the perfect, soft resting spot, as well as a breezy shawl for sun protection when I need it. Fellow pool and beachgoers always ask me where I got my gorgeous towel!

    Turkish towel at the beach

  2. Walking to the pool or beach: The towels I travel with are the perfect size for using as a sarong or dress when moving about the resort. You can wear it on the way to the spa, the waterfront bar, or anywhere casual attire is the norm.
    trukish towel on a beach chair
  3. When I get chilly: From evenings dining al fresco to rainy vacation days, I use my towel as a scarf or shawl to keep me comfortable. I also keep one in my carry-on luggage to use as a wrap during those frigid airplane rides.
  4. While working out on the road: I’ve used my towel as an in-room yoga mat, a barrier between myself and the communal hotel gym equipment, and a modified stretching band.

    Turkish towel yoga mat

  5. During a rest stop picnic: In the time of COVID-19, many people are opting for summer road trips. Spread out your towel to enjoy a mid-route picnic at any one of the scenic rest stops you find across the country.

  6. To clean up travel spills: Travel can get messy. In-car coffee spills, sudden downpours, eating on the go: you’ll be glad you have a towel on hand to clean up and wipe down.

  7. As a bath towel: Sometimes, I just don’t like the bath towels the hotel provides, and I appreciate having my own option on hand when this is unexpectedly the case.
  8. To protect souvenirs: Purchased a nice bottle of wine in that European capital you visited? Get it home safely by wrapping the towel around it as a buffer against rough suitcase handling.

 wine bottle wrapped in turkish towel

No matter how you end up using it, you won’t regret packing your own Turkish towel the next time you head out on a trip. 

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Tanya is an expert traveler with 18+ years experience. She founded Travel, Upgraded to help others upgrade from hostel-style travel to first-class travel.

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