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Do you find yourself wanting your own towel with you when you travel - or even when you're just out an about? I carry a Turkish towel (sometimes more than one) pretty much everywhere I go. Here's why:

The Best Travel Towel

Yes, it's true. The best travel towel is a Turkish towel. But first let's start with this - do you carry a towel with you when you travel or are just wondering why you would? Consider this. Towels always come in handy for one reason or another. But before we give some examples, don't take our word for it. This masterpiece in literature may have said it best:

"A towel, it says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have." - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

turkish towel for travel

Ok, so maybe you aren't an interstellar hiker but you have similar needs. 

Let's start with comfort. Wherever you are heading on vacation, it's nice to have those little home comforts with you. Whether you are hitting the beach or you need a little seat cover or blanket while you are traveling business class, Turkish towels are the perfect choice for your travel adventures. 

Turkish Towels are Soft

Turkish towels are the softest materials around. Turkish towels are not as thick as other towels, but because of the extra-long fibers in the cotton, there are fewer joints in the fabric weave, making the towels much softer in comparison to traditional cotton towels, which makes them easily absorbent. And because of the fewer joints, it makes for a multi-purpose towel in all weather. Whether you are just getting out of the sea and need to dry off, or you are resting on it on the beach, its ultra absorbency means it dries quickly and it shakes off sand, dirt, or grass easily. 

baby in a soft turkish towel while traveling

Turkish Towels are Compact

Turkish towels are exceptionally lightweight, making them the perfect addition to your adventures. The material is so fine, that it is easier to store these types of towels wherever you go. If you need to make more space in your suitcase, a Turkish towel is perfect for this, or when you are packing up everything after a long adventure on the beach, you can roll it up into a small bundle and store it in any bag without it taking over. Towels can be frustrating in a suitcase because of this reason, but Turkish towels are the most travel-friendly towels around. 

compact travel towel - turkish towel

Turkish Towels are Practical for Many Settings

Whether you are bounding to the beach in the height of summer or you are traversing through tough climates in the winter, a Turkish towel is a perfect companion. As it is so small but so comfortable, it is the perfect choice for anybody in any environment. If you are going on a plane, it can easily act as a scarf, and if you are freezing cold, you can wrap up warm. What's more, Turkish cotton actually softens over use and time. The more you use your Turkish cotton towel, the softer it will become and will quickly become your best travel friend. 

backpacking towel for travel - turkish travel towel

You Can Use a Turkish Towel on Any Type of Vacation

People want to experience variety on their vacations. Whether you like to head out on a boat, up and down the country in an RV, or you are making the most of a holiday rental during the summer months, a Turkish towel is a perfect accompaniment since it'll provide more use than the space it takes. 

And if you are going on a long road trip and fancy a stop-off to take a dip in the water or just have a picnic, all you need to do is throw your towel over the seat after you’ve emerged and you can guarantee it will dry as you drive!

And whether you like backpacking or camping out in all weather, their light weight makes them the perfect choice in any environment. In fact, if you go camping, you could benefit from a variety of Turkish towels because they can be used, not just for drying off after a shower, but can be used as a picnic table cloth or a sun shade. And of course it can also be used an extra layer of warmth when night falls. 

outdoor travel towel for backpacking, camping, hiking

They Make the Perfect Multi-Purpose Towel

Many business travelers don't have the opportunity to hit the gym, so a Turkish towel becomes an amazing makeshift workout mat for in-room workouts.  Who wants to do crunches or downward facing dog on the hotel carpet - eww.  Whether you are into yoga or you are practicing bodyweight squats, you need something underneath you that will both create a barrier between you and the carpet but also absorb sweat. As a workout mat, it is perfect for any environment, whether you are performing Tai Chi on the beach, or pushups in your hotel room. 

travel towel for yoga by the pool or in hotel room

Traveling with Family? You'll Definitely Want to a Turkish Towel - or a Few - Along

If you are venturing on vacation with the family you know packing space may be limited so you need items that offer different uses; a Turkish towel fits this description to a T! Whether your youngest child needs an extra layer to keep warm when traveling or there's an oopsie and you need to clean up something, a Turkish towel will do the job and then some. If you are using public transportation or other highly trafficked venues and you have concerns over the level of hygiene on the seats, you can just whip out your Turkish towel and it is your ideal layer of protection between your skin and public seating. 

An ideal addition to anybody's travel luggage, if you are looking for the best travel towel, the Turkish towel checks all the boxes. It is a towel for all seasons and scenarios and gives you the all-important comfort and protection you need in any environment. If you are looking for the equivalent of the Swiss army knife in towel form, the Turkish towel is what you need for your travels.


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