How are Turkish Towels Made?

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Turkish towel loom

Premium quality and responsible manufacturing
are important to us.

That's why we work closely with artisans who care deeply about creating Turkish towels the right way, on traditional handlooms by the Anatolian people themselves.
 So, how did we choose our partnerships? Simple. We spent months testing towels to find ones we absolutely wanted to use in our home!
We figured if we love them, you will too.
Side story: We actually knew we found our towels the second we opened their first batch of samples. The quality, the feel, the everything about the towels spoke to us and we knew we found our match. When it's right, it's right.

So how are they made? Well, it takes many people to make each towel. From spinning the yarn to hand knotting each fringe, each towel is a work of art. Art that is both beautiful and useable.


We get asked, why are our
Turkish towels seemingly expensive?

Well, we could have gone with a cheaper quality. We could have skimped on the yarn or the process to offer a lower priced towel. But that's not what we're here for. We're here to provide you a product that allows you to enjoy better
Cheaper towels are out there. But we chose to use premium quality yarn made from authentic Turkish cotton. The result is a soft and smooth towel that won't pucker or lint, even with continued use.
The Bali Market towels are designed to stand-up to daily useful tasks, like cleaning up bath time spills, wiping off sandy bottoms, and keeping your family warm and dry. They needed to be topnotch.
Aside from the higher quality yarn, we also value a higher quality process. That means each towel is lovingly hand worked.
[FUN FACT] Our towels are hand knotted. Each towel takes 25-35 minutes to knot. We think the end result is worth the extra effort. 

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