Our Manufacturing Process

Premium quality and responsible manufacturing. 

From start to finish The Bali Market towels are made the right way.

Handmade in Turkey, The Bali Market towels are crafted on traditional hand-looms by Anatolian artisans. 

We could have partnered with many different manufacturers, but not all manufacturers are created equal. Grace, the founder of The Bali Market, spent months testing towels to find the ones she wanted to use in her home. 

"The second I ripped open the sample towels I knew I found the perfect manufacturer for The Bali Market. The feel, the quality, everything about the towels spoke to me. When it's right, it's right."

We're proud to say our manufacturer is a women run company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. 


So, how are they made? Well, it takes many people to make each towel.

It starts with OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard certified Turkish cotton, each towel is woven on traditional wooden looms. To finish, each towel is hand knotted. 

Hand knotting is a tedious task, with each towel taking 25-35 minutes to knot. We think the end result is worth the extra effort. 

From spinning the yarn to hand knotting each fringe, each towel is a work of art.