Turkish towel reviews - Top 6 Best Turkish towels

We set out to review and find the best Turkish towels online.

You have choices when it comes to buying Turkish towels. So, how do you know what to look for? What style should you choose? And how do you know which one is right for you? And with all the new comers, how do you know which Turkish towel company to buy from?

There isn't just one Turkish towel that is THE best. There are different kinds of Turkish towels that suit different kinds of people and different needs. That's because there are so many ways you might want to use your Turkish towel. So we needed to separate unique factors to review to help you find the right towel, depending on your personal needs.

Do you prefer a lightweight towel? Do you prefer one that's heavy-duty? Do you only want to use it at the beach? Do you only want to use it at home? These are factors we took into consideration and we sought out the right Turkish towel for you.


We found the top six companies with the best Turkish towels (based on google search, reviews and press features), and purchased one Turkish towel from each to review alongside one from The Bali Market. 


Here are the top Turkish towel companies we reviewed, in no particular order: 


(Disclosure: we're affiliated with The Bali Market. We recommend each towel on this list. Each towel was tested fairly and based on actual testing and customer opinions, not our own.)

There are lots of ways to analyze what makes a towel "the best". Personal preference is a factor, but we wanted to find the best towels based on what people actually want from a Turkish towel. 

So, we asked people what they wanted from a Turkish towel.

We asked real live customers to rank what features were most important to them in a Turkish towel, and here's what they said:  

  1. High quality 
  2. Absorbent
  3. Dries quickly
  4. 100% Turkish cotton
  5. Super Soft

We washed and used and tested each towel keeping those top five features in mind. Each towel had its own unique benefits. Keep reading as we break down each Turkish towel. 

Which Turkish Towel was the highest quality?

All of the Turkish towels we tested and reviewed are great quality. Their biggest differences are in size, some absorbency and drying time variation, as well as softness and packaging. Again, these are all high quality Turkish towels but read on to see their difference and what might be the best choice for you.

Which Turkish Towel is Most Absorbent?

A towel needs to be absorbent. And everybody wants to know, are Turkish towels actually absorbent? Yes. They are. But, some are more absorbent than others. 

So we put each towel to the test.

After washing and drying each towel once, we placed each towel in a bowl with 2 cups of cool water. Every towel was able to soak up the 2 cups of water, but some soaked the water up quicker than others. 


Are Turkish Towels Absorbent?


Absorbency of the Turkish towel tested:

This list goes in order from most absorbent (absorbed the water the quickest) to least. 

  1. Coyuchi
  2. The Bali Market
  3. Turkish Towel Company
  4. Turkish-T
  5. Teema
  6. Sand Cloud


The size of a towel is important too. Turkish towels are typically larger than "regular" terry style towels, but we learned the size of each towel varies greatly. We measured each towel, twice. 


Turkish Towel Size: 

In order from largest to smallest.

  1. The Bali Market
  2. Teema
  3. Sand Cloud Beach Towels
  4. Turkish Towel Company
  5. Turkish-T
  6. Coyuchi





coyuchi teema sand cloud turkish towel company reviews



teema sand cloud coyuchi turkish towel company reviews




Top 6 Turkish Towel Reviews, in no particular order: 


1. The Multitasker: The Bali Market

The Bali Market

Perfect Classic


The Bali Market is all about minimalism. All their towels feature simple and classic designs in calming colors and patterns. 

The Perfect Classic is the original The Bali Market Turkish towel and their best selling Turkish towel, and a customer favorite. It works well as a bath and a beach towel, and is the largest towel on this list.


This Turkish towel is right for you if:

You're looking for a classic Turkish towel. The style works for both the bath and beach and it lightweight for travel and to wrap as a sarong.



Classic style works for bath and beach 

Overall largest towel we tested

Highly absorbent

Sand resistant

Responsibly hand loomed with Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified Turkish cotton

Ships in sustainable packaging



Lightweight towel. If you're looking for thicker try the Essential Stripe or Diamond Design Turkish towels 



Size: 40" x 70"

Weight: 10.2 oz

Material: 100% Turkish cotton


Five Star Customer Review: 

"These towels are amazing! I love the style and look, of course! They are gorgeous towels! I was surprised at how soft and absorbing they are too! I am 100% satisfied and I'm already planning on getting a few more! Thanks Bali Market!" - Brooke B.


Here's what you'll get when you order The Bali Market Turkish towels:


The Bali Market Best Turkish Towel

A single towel arrives wrapped in tissue in a 100% recycled, compostable and reusable poly mailer and includes care information.



2. The Luxury Classic: The Turkish Towel Company


The Turkish Towel Company




If you're looking for a traditional Turkish towel from The Turkish Towel Company, this is the one. Meaning, it's the only flat Turkish towel available from The Turkish Towel Company (they also sell terry cloth towels made from Turkish cotton).

This towel has a luxury feel to it. It feels like a fine linen, but it's made with 100% Turkish cotton. This towel is tightly woven and feels very durable.

This towel is right for you if: 

You'd like a sophisticated bath towel. Ideal for luxury style. 



Size: 38" x 69"

Weight: 11.8 oz

Material: 100% Turkish cotton



Linen like texture

Dense weave means snags are unlikely



Stiff at first - but will soften over time

This is the only "Turkish style" towel available from this company


Five Star Customer Review: 

"By far the best of all the Peshtemal towels I’ve purchased. Durable, sturdy, soft, absorbent, quick-drying, attractive, well made—after buying one I ordered two more!" - Janet R.


Here's what you'll get when you order:

Peshtemal from The Turkish Towel Company

We ordered a single towel and it arrived in a standard poly mailer bag in a plastic bag. 


3. The Organic Luxury: Coyuchi

Coyuchi Turkish Towel Company

Mediterranean Organic Towel



Coyuchi is all about organic and they offer not just organic Turkish towels, but bedding, blankets, robes and more. Based in California their style is casual luxury. 

This is the most expensive towel on this list, but the price definitely reflects the high quality. This towel has a beautiful texture and is densely woven. 

This is the right towel for you if:

You'd like different size options and a thicker/denser Turkish towel. 



High quality 

Highly absorbent (the smallest towel but was able to soak up 2 cups of water easily)

The textured weave feels super soft and durable

100% organic Turkish cotton (GOTS certified)



Smallest towel we tested (order the "Beach Towel" size if you'd like a larger towel)

The most expensive towel we tested



Size: 29" x 57"

Weight: 10.4 oz

Material: 100% organic Turkish cotton


Five Star Customer Review:

"Best towels ever! These towels feel luxurious, are absorbent, and beautiful. Not to mention they are quick drying and space-saving, taking up about 1/4 of the room my regular bath towels did! Perfect for the tiny-home lifestyle!" - Ashley S.

Here's what you'll get when you order:

Coyuchi turksih bath and hand towel set

We ordered a single towel and it arrived in a padded kraft paper mailer in a plastic bag. 



4. The Beach Bum Turkish Towel: Sand Cloud


Sand Cloud turkish beach towel review


Mint Baja Towel



Based in California, Sand Cloud is where you'll find beach-y style towels in bright and funky colors and patterns. If you're looking for a wilder style for the beach, you'll find it at Sand Cloud. They're all about the beach life and are committed to "save the fishies". They donate 10% of their sales to protecting marine life via multiple marine conservation charities. 

A modern take on the Mexican beach blanket, the Baja beach towel from Sand Cloud has a casual vibe. It has embroidered textures throughout the towel. It's a thicker towel, ideal for the beach.


The Sand Cloud towel is right for you if: 

You're looking for a modern beach towel. And if you're living a boho-vibe life this towel could be used as a wall tapestry, blanket, or table runner.



Size: 35" x 72"

Weight: 12.8 oz

Material: 100% Turkish cotton



Textured/embroidered detail makes this towel stand out

Ideal as a beach towel

Thicker towel - ideal for laying on the sand



Expensive compared to similar quality towels

Unique style may not work with all decor

Did not absorb water as quickly as other towels


Five Star Customer Review for Sand Cloud: 

"Love my towel! The towel is nicer than I anticipated! I can't wait to use it when I go to the beach. The color is amazing and I can't wait to purchase more!" - Molly K.


Here's what you'll get when you order from Sand Cloud: 

Sand Cloud

We ordered a single Turkish beach towel and it arrived rolled in a standard poly mailer. 


5. The Yellow Spots Turkish Towel: TeemaTowels

teema towel

Yellow Spots Towel



Also based in California, Teema towels was started by two men who were on a backbacking trip abroad and stumbled across a market offering Turkish towels they felt would make great travel towels. Teema offers beach-y style towels and blankets in bright and funky colors and designs. If you're weighing a Teema towel vs Sand Cloud beach towel, they are similar so it may just come down to design and selection. 

The Teema towel is right for you if: 

You're looking for a California vibe style beach towel like Sand Cloud. Teema towels are also good for travel as that was the original intent by the two owners.  



Size: 38" x 66"

Weight: 12 oz

Material: 100% Turkish cotton



Fun towel color and pattern selection for beach style

Ideal as a beach towel and good for travel

Thicker towel - ideal for laying on dirt, sand or grass



Unique style may not work with all interior designs

Packaging not environmentally friendly


Five Star Customer Review for TeemaTowels: 

"Love this product. It can be used on beach, as a light throw at home or flights! Washes well. Perfect!" - Becky W.


Here's what you'll get when you order from Teema: 

teema towel yellow spots 

We ordered a single Turkish beach towel and it arrived rolled in a standard poly mailer. 


6. The Budget Conscious: Turkish-T

Turkish-T towels

Basic Single Stripe Towel



Turkish-T was one of the top Turkish towel brands. Based in Nashville, they sell on their own site and prices range from $29-$61. They also sell a collection of blankets, pillows, robes and other soft goods.

This is their best selling Turkish towel and a solid choice when looking for a basic Turkish towel. For the price you can switch to Turkish with all your towels and use them without hesitation.

This towel is right for you if:

This is probably the best Turkish towel if you want the least expensive on the market. Need to stock-up on pool towels? Or a travel towel? This is a good choice. This also works great as a sarong. It's a lightweight towel that drapes nicely. 

This towel is very soft and dried super fast. It's a thin towel and might not hold up to heavy-duty use, so keep that in mind when ordering. 



Size: 37" x 63"

Weight: 9.4 oz 

Material: 100% Turkish cotton



Here's what you'll get when you order:


turkish T towel company


We ordered a single towel and it arrived in a standard poly mailer bag in a plastic bag. 



Cheapest towel/very affordable

Thin weave means it dries very quickly




Not as absorbent as other towels on this list

May not hold up to heavy-duty use


Five Star Customer Review: 

"I have 5 Turkish-T's and use them all the time. I buy them as gifts for friends and they all love them. The company's customer service is friendly and easy to talk to." -Mac



So which is the absolute best Turkish towel?

You can see it depends on what you are looking for but we hope this guide helped you find your way.

If this is your first foray into Turkish towels, here's 20% off to use on your first order at The Bali Market - use code TRYBALI20  on our best selling Turkish Towels.



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