More Than Just Pretty Towels

The Bali Market ~ Our Story

The Bali Market started selling Turkish towels in 2016. Back then, the goal was to offer handmade, authentic, quality towels and that mission persists today. A simple concept that earned five-star reviews and sold out status. The Bali Market offers so much more than just pretty towels. We offer a comfort, calm, clutter-free life ...

We know you only have so much space in your home, life and closets. We also know towels can take up a lot of space (but you certainly need them). Turkish towels, however, are a less-bulky option and they fill so many more needs than a terry towel. They're flat, versatile, and beautifully designed. So they take up less space, are multi-purpose and add a designer's touch to your home.

Can Turkish towels really help you create & maintain a minimalist life with less clutter?

Most companies throw as many options as possible at their customers. They change styles weekly, foregoing quality for quantity. Then, when you come back to re-stock your favorite style, it's long gone. And worse, poor quality results in buyer's remorse and more waste in the landfill. That's not our way. 
  • We believe that an uncluttered life is a better life. 
  • We believe when your physical environment is neat & streamlined, you feel better.
  • We believe less overwhelm leads to clarity and joy. 


Why Turkish towels? 

They're useful, designed to last years and fulfill a variety of needs. You can use them in the bathroom or at the beach, as a throw blanket, a wrap, and a myriad of other uses (here's 27 Practical Ways to Use Turkish Towels). The design is minimal and they fold up compactly to take up less space in your linen closet. It's something you'll use everyday. Simply put, they fit into a minimalist life, of living with less but better, perfectly.

In order to spread more minimalism in the world The Bali Market needed to actually stand for that inside and out. Here's what you can expect when you shop with us: 

1. Minimal Options = Less Overwhelm

Each Bali Market towel was selected to fulfill a specific need. We've removed the overwhelm of too many choices by offering limited styles in coordinating and calming colors. Our curated selection of useful products means you can't make the wrong choice.

Browse our simple line of Turkish towels here.


2. Simple Sales Process = An Enjoyable Shopping Experience

You'll enjoy an easy to use website, cheerful customer service, and helpful emails. We offer fast shipping, a fair return policy and our 365 Day Simple Guarantee makes shopping with The Bali Market easy-breezy.

3. Artisan Crafted Product  = Ethical Supply Chain

Our manufacturer is a women lead team of authentic Turkish artisans. They locally source their First Grade Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified Turkish cotton and use antique hand-looms to weave each towel. Every time you dry off with our towels you're supporting financial stability for their entire community. 

4. Efficient Packaging = Smaller Footprint

The Bali Market offers packaging that fits each order perfectly. No oversized boxes or ridiculous amounts of wasteful packing materials. We use recycled and recyclable shipping materials, getting you closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.

With Love & Gratitude,
The Bali Market
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