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There are so many ways to use a Turkish towel ...

Turkish towels are touted for their versatility, but I bet you'll be surprised how many ways you can use one. Here are 27 ways you can use your Turkish towels. (I hope you never have to use #26....)

If you're looking specifically for ways to wear Turkish towels, we've got you covered. Skip down to #23 to see all the ways you can wear a Turkish towel.

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Guide to Turkish towels

Practical Ways to Use a Turkish Towel

1. Wall Tapestry

Hang a Turkish towel on the wall above your bed, sofa or any large wall that needs some interest. You can hang it vertically or horizontally, depending on the space you need to fill. 

2. Tea Party Table Cloth

Add whimsy and class to a tea party. Lay a Turkish towel on the floor or on a table, then set-up the tea party. Don't forget the cookies. 

3. End of Bed Blanket or Bed Cover

Drape it over the footboard or on the bed itself. Add a tray and a few toiletries to welcome and delight overnight guests. See this article on Porch about how adding a Turkish towel to your bedroom design can help make your bedroom a relaxing oasis

4. Stroller Cover

A towel is always useful with kids so pack one along and use it to shield kids from the sun or rain. 

5. Picnic Blanket

Lay a Turkish towel or two on the ground for a simple picnic blanket. After you eat, shake it off, roll it up and you're on your way.

6. Tablecloth/Runner

Lay it out on your indoor dining table or outdoor table for a casual dinner party.

turkish towel table runner

7. Patio Blanket

Make a welcoming entrance with a towel draped on a chair at the front of your home. Or use in the backyard for chilly nights around a bonfire.

8. Beach Blanket

Turkish towels are ideal for the beach because they dry quickly. You can lay it on the sand to carve out your own space on the beach. Sit or lay down and enjoy the summer day!


9. Headboard

Pin it up above your bed for a simple and, easy to move, headboard.

10. Boat Towels

Stash a few towels on the boat. You can use them as sun and wind protection or to dry off after swimming or tubing behind the boat.

11. Bath Towel

The most common way to use a Turkish towel :)

turkish bath and shower towel

12. Chair/sofa cover

Drape a towel on your living room furniture to use as a protective cover or as a light blanket.

13. Ladder Accessories

There's no need to hide these towels away. Hang on ladders in any room to add color and softness.


14. Umbrella

Caught in an unexpected rain shower? Hold the towel over your head. It will dry quickly once you're out of the rain, too.

15. Door Tapestry

Create privacy where there's no door. Hang a towel from the top of the door frame to close off a room.

16. Dresser Runner

Add a Turkish towel to a buffet or a bedroom dresser. It will help protect the top of the furniture from scratches.

17. Yoga Mat Cover

A must have for hot yoga! Keep your mat dry and your toes in place. Bring an extra to wipe off your body.

Yoga mat cover

18. Blanket Forts

You can never have enough blankets for a blanket fort!

Turkish Towel Uses for Travel

19. Travel blanket for the plane

Tuck a Turkish towel in your carry-on and use it to cover up on a chilly plane.

20. Beach towel

You'll be happy to have a light and quick drying towel at the beach!

21. Camping towel

Use a durable Turkish towel on a camping trip. You can use it as a blanket, a towel, and protection from the elements.

22. Seat cover in the car/plane/bus or even on a swing!

Protect your legs and bottom from hot, cold and dirty seats.

turkish towel seat cover

How to Wear a Turkish Towel

23. Hair Towel

A Turkish towel dries hair quickly and safely. It won't damage your hair and won't feel too heavy on your neck.

24. Sarong

Wrap it around your torso as a dress or around your hips as a skirt. Tuck it or tie to to keep it in place.

25. Scarf

Tie a Turkish towel around your neck for comfort and warmth. This is great for travel. Wear it as a scarf at the airport, use it as a blanket on the plane, and use it as a towel at your hotel. 

26. Makeshift Sling or Carrying Nap Sack

Tie a hurt arm into place with a Turkish towel. Or carry loose items over your shoulder. The corners tie easily to do either of these things with ease. 

27. Nursing Cover

Give yourself the privacy you desire for you and your baby.  

Where to Buy Turkish Towels:

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