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You already know that Turkish towels are perfect for a sarong at the beach, but did you know there are tons of ways to wear a Turkish towel as a sarong? Here are a few ways you can quickly tie a Bali Market Turkish towel in to a cute cover-up.



Turkish towel as a sarong

The Halter Dress: 

1. Start with towel around back. 

2. Grab two top corners and cross them in front around your neck.

3. Tie two corners together behind your neck.



How to tie a sarong - Turkish towel Dress

The Back-Less Halter Dress:

1. Grab the two corners on the short end of the towel (the side with fringes).

2. Holding the towel in front of you, wrap the two corners behind your neck and knot together.

3. Grab two corners on the bottom (the other side with fringes) and fold up to your waist. 

4. Tie the two corners behind your back.



How to tie a sarong - Turkish towel tube dress

The Strapless Dress: 

1. Start with towel behind your back.

2. Grab two corners on the top, pull them forward and cross over your chest.

3. Twist each end tightly and then tuck them in the top of the towel.




How to tie a sarong - Turkish towel skirt

The Side Knot Skirt: 

1. Wrap towel around your waist. 

2. Grab top corners and twist a couple times (twist more to shorten skirt/show more leg on one side).

3. Tie ends together one time and pull up one corner and drape over the knot. 


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