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6 interior design trends to watch for in 2022

For many people, interior design can be very excited, and it’s always nice to reimagine your home as something that looks completely different from how you have it. There are many preferred styles to interior design, and it’s worth looking into what others are enjoying for their own homes. Also, it’s a new year, and for many people that means making some serious changes in their lives, so what better place to start with how you designed your home? And while you’re at it, you could think about how well a Turkish towel can tie any design together.

Farmhouse style

turkish towels on a ladder

Farmhouse decorating came on in full force around 2015 so some might think it's going by the wayside. Not true says Kaitlin Madden Design.  There are plenty of modern town-homes that like to lend themselves to some older-seeming charm. The farmhouse style is perfect for capturing a simple and rustic theme, while still looking modern. For many, it’s a way to make the home cozier, as it uses a lot of wood and lighter tones. It’s not too busy looking, and throughout the years this is a theme that’s become more and more popular. It’s really a look that you can apply to any home, as it takes style choices from both modern and rustic designs.

So where would a Turkish towel fit into all this? Where could it be used to tie everything together? Well, they come in many colors and could look nice on a stylishly placed ladder, or be used as a runner or to protect your antique Farmhouse wooden table.

Boho chic

Boho chic or Bohemian is a style that many find comforting, and for a good reason. It’s overall for those who like a much busier look to their interior, as it embraces a much more creative side of interior design. Imagine your home if you had designed to turn it into a scrapbook of all of the things you’ve enjoyed or seen. A lot less order, but as some like to call it, perfectly imperfect. It’s noisy, but that can be comfortable if you get it right.

boho chic design turkish towel

When it comes to adding a Turkish towel to the mix, your choices are endless. The colors available to you, and the tasseled design of the towel make it perfect for a bohemian-styled interior.

Eclectic style

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a more arty and alive look to their home, then eclectic could be a choice for you. It’s about mixing and matching different themes to give your home more soul and variety. You don’t have to settle for just one theme. You could go for a more glamorous approach, and have your home be more colorful, or a mix of boho and farmhouse. It’s almost like a collage of styles, perfect for those who don’t want to pick just one.

Again, a Turkish towel could fit just about anywhere depending on your style choices. They bring a lot of colors and could be used for just about anything. Decoration, fashion, yoga, with eclectic you have a lot more freedom to choose.


Nothing says modern design like the nature-inspired design theme and according to Vogue, it's a hot design trend for 2022. It’s perfect for those who want to have a modern look that doesn’t seem too plain, while also not exaggerating your decor. Typically, it invites plants into your home, and there’s no such thing as too many houseplants. Not only does the contrast of natural green and lighter furniture look appealing, but house plants are also incredibly comfortable to live with. There’s not too much maintenance to make them a hassle, and your home will feel much fresher for it.

Biophilic design, as listed by Good Housekeeping as a 2022 design trend, is also falls within this nature-inspired design aesthetic as it brings nature into the home for a healthy and calming environment. 

As it happens, Turkish towels can blend in perfectly with the more nature-inspired homes. Wicker furniture looks great paired with plants, and a Turkish towel makes for the perfect throw.

Sustainable interior design

More and more people are becoming aware of the impact that their lives have on the environment. There’s only so much we can do as individuals, but the more people who try to live more sustainably - the better. Sustainable interior designs avoid using materials that are detrimental environment. A lot of recycled materials and furniture are popular for those going for sustainable designs, and a lot of wood furniture. It’s not just the materials, but the functions too. Trying to reduce the energy usage with more insulation, and trying to reduce water waste by investing in the more thoughtful bath and shower products.

As Turkish towels are multi-use and made of completely recyclable materials, they’re a perfect addition to your sustainable home. You don’t have to worry that you’re using harmful products, and once you’re done with them, they can be retired to cleaning or decoration.

sustainable turkish towels

Minimalist design

If you think minimalism is on the way out, think again. Apartment Therapy reinforces that minimalistic design is is in fact an ongoing trend for interior design in 2022. Minimalism is all about doing more with less. You don’t always need to have a busy home for it to look like it’s been properly decorated, and a finished product can carry a lot of personality without much furniture. It’s a much tidier look than all of the other design choices, and great for those who don’t like to have their rooms filled up with too many belongings. There aren’t too many colors to offend your eyes, the palette is very limited, and colors pop due to their scarcity. Overall, it’s a very clean look and does well to make your home appear tidy.

The reason a Turkish towel is perfect for minimalist design is how well you can use it as a color accent. Using small decorations as a way of color coming back into your home is a great way to make your minimalist design more interesting. When there is color, you notice it, and it’s not out of place. You can keep things simple, without looking too plain. Check out this post if  you are ready to embrace minimalism.

There are a lot of popular design trends in 2022, of course mid-century modern is still popular but the 70s are really creeping back in too. But they’re all great to experiment with. Some people like their home to look busy, and as a reflection of their mind. Others prefer their home to look modern and pristine, and it can promote peace when you’re home. So follow your instincts and give the design style closest to your heart a try and make your home the oasis of your dreams.

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