How Many Towels Do I Need?

by Grace Druecke

How Many Towels Do I Need?

This exact question came up on Twitter and became a hot topic of discussion. 

It all started when award-winning astrophotographer and Unrelatable podcast host Abdul Dremali tweeted this adulting question: 

Tweet from @advil about towels

This is clearly is an important question. Because to date the tweet has over 2,000 comments. Even Target and IKEA jumped into the conversation. But a comment from Journalist Yashar Ali made the internet lose their mind. 

Tweet from @yashar about towels

50 towels. Dang. That's a boat load of towels. And for Yashar that's the right amount, but most would agree that's a little overkill.

And if you're wondering what a bath sheet is - it's a larger bath towel. We consider these bath sheets:

Perfect Classic
Essential Stripe
Waffle Weave

They're all 40" x 70", the typical size of a bath sheet. Our Basic Bath would be considered a bath towel.

Bath towel size chart


You don't want too many cluttering up your linen closet and you also don't want to run out of clean towels when you absolutely need one. 

So what is the right amount of towels you need? 

Like everything, it depends. 

If you'd like to get real minimalist (and don't mind doing laundry more often) the very least you'll need is 2 bath towels and 2 hand towels per person.

One in use and one in the wash. 

A more comfortable amount of towels is 4 per person:

4 bath towels
4 hand towels
4 wash cloths/face towel (optional but very useful)

This leaves a little more time between laundry loads. 

And just to clarify, I'm not including utility towels in this equation (you know they ones you may use for washing dishes, windows, or other household messes).


If you're looking for a total solution, here's what I recommend ordering (per person):

2 Turkish towels

2 Turkish hand towels

(the Perfect Classic is our most popular, and comes in a matching set)

2 Basic Bath

2 Basic Bath hand towels

(also sold in a matching set for more savings)

4 Wash Cloths


But, should they all match?

There's no right or wrong answer to this. It's totally up to you. If you like a little variety you can mix + match as you please. The benefit of the The Bali Market towels is they all work well together, no matter how you mix and match them.

One approach for mixing and matching is to assign each member of the house their own color. The Perfect Classic offers the most color options so start there if this sounds like the solution for you.


So what's the definitive answer to the age old question "How many towels should I own"? The answer is however many you need. What feels like the right amount of towels for your household?








Grace Druecke
Grace Druecke

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