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Perfect Classic - 4-Piece Set

Light Grey
Air Blue
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  • Our #1 selling, high absorbing, all-in-one Turkish towel set.

    What's more personal than a towel? Think about it. You use one every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to dry your hands, your face, and body. It's very personal. So you shouldn't use just any old towel. You should use a Perfect Classic.

    Set includes:

    • 2 bath/beach towels

    • 2 hand towels

    Replace Your Bulky, Mismatched Towels.

    The Perfect Classic is our most versatile towel. It absorbs water quickly off your skin then air-dries fully to stay fresher longer. Delight your family and your guests with fresh, never musty, towels.

    Even better, when you buy this set you’re getting extra savings.

    Why Is Turkish Cotton the Best?

    It’s important for a towel to be absorbent. So we use long-fiber Turkish cotton. The long fibers allow our towels to be thin yet high absorbing and durable.

    And because each towel is woven with first-grade Turkish cotton, it will never lint or pucker.

    Our Perfect Classic Turkish towels set quickly absorbs water off your skin more effectively than towels costing twice as much.


Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Perfect classic 4- piece

I bought these to use to our trip to Bali as a towel, blanket and wrap. I haven’t used them yet but they are soft and a great size! I would recommend this product.

fast drying and absorbent towels

I originally ordered the Essential Stripe towels to use as bath towels in our brand new bathroom. I live in very humid Hawaii and normal towels never dry and just get musty. They are really beautiful and soft towels but I was disappointed by their absorbency level. They felt more like a soft throw or blanket than a towel to me. Since they had a warranty I contacted the company and they responded right away, and offer to replace the towels for another style. I read on another review that the Perfect Classic were much more absorbent so I asked for those. They are definitely more absorbent. They are more "scratchy and rough" sort of speak compared with how soft the Essential Stripe is. But it is this scratchines that make them dry better. They are very light and dry super fast. I can shower at night and they'll be dry by the morning. I am happy using these towels as bath towels. Only thing is that the colors don't go with my bathroom as well as the other ones did. But I will probably wait until more colors become available and get some that match better, and keep these as guest towels. I'm super happy with the costumer support of this company and will def. recommend it to friends.

Beautiful product

I love this towel. Bought it already and lost it and had to get another one right away. It's well made and beautiful. Very soft.


I bought light blue classic towel;its really pale and has a yellowish cast to it. It is much thinner than I expected - I have cotton dish towels that are the same thickness. Sadly, not as absorbent or quick drying as advertised - I read the reviews that said they were "super absorbent" - mine isn't. And yes, I followed the instructions about the first washing.

First Turkish towel

I am Zoe’s mom and I bought this for her for Christmas and for her upcoming semester in Australia. It is beautiful and she will use it quite a bit, I’m sure!

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