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How to Mix & Match Towels Like a Stylist

Adding Turkish towels to your home is an inexpensive way to do a mini makeover. Turkish towels are a practical way to add fresh color and texture to your home. They're like adding jazz hands to any so-so dance routine. Turkish towels can be used all around the house, at the beach, for travel and for personal styling (think sarongs and cozy scarves).

You can never go wrong with matching sets. But if you're more of a mixed tape fan, and you'd like to try different Turkish towel color combinations, we created a simple styling guide for you. 



We took the risk out of color matching for you. Nailing these looks is easier than sticking a triple axle (bad example...that's actually really hard to do). If you want to add perfect styling to your home, easily, follow these few tips to get started. 

California Casual

California Causal is a blend of casual and minimalist style that comes together to create an effortless look. It's a refreshing style, like a freshly cracked La Croix can. This combination is a mix of colors found in nature, perfect for that lazy Saturday lifestyle.

A key piece to the California Causal style is fringes and tassels - Turkish towels are a functional way to add this detail to your home.

Hang this combination on hooks in any room of your home to nail the California Casual look.


California Casual Inspirations


Photos from Emily Henderson's How to Get That 'Effortless, Expensive California Casual' Look on a Budget. June 14, 2017.

Small Space/Tiny Home Living

Small spaces desire light colors and products that provide versatility. This combination brightens small bathrooms (no composting toilet needed). Then take the Essential Stripe and use it as a throw blanket and pack your Vertical Stripe for your beach trip. Both towels provide dual uses, meaning you'll never need to store them away.


Small Space/Tiny Home Inspiration


Images by Mathew Impola. From Country Living's A Peek Inside the Cutest Little 250-Square-Foot Mobile Farmhouse by Marlisse Cepeda. June 7th 2016.


Industrial Loft

Industrial Loft is all about designing for utilitarian and practical uses. Because of this, the Industrial Loft style almost begs for versatile Turkish towels. To get this raw style, mix moody colors and textures. Think dim greys, muted colors, and masculine textures.


Industrial Loft Inspirations


Images from Home Designing's Join the Industrial Loft Revolution

Start Mixing & Matching

Are you ready to start mixing and matching towels like a stylist. You can browse all The Bali Market Turkish towels here and find your own color story for your home.  

And if you prefer matching sets we have those ready for you as well. 

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  • Pat Brothen On

    I think you have the best looking website I’ve ever seen. Your colors are so fresh and light and the pictures are just perfect for setting off your towels and blankets. I love my towels. It took a little getting used to the weight at first as they are so soft without the heavyness of regular towels. All in all I really like them. I especially like the handtowels. I am going to try out the largervone at the swimming pool next. I think it will be perfect.

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