Which Turkish Towel is Right for Me?

by Grace Druecke

Which Turkish Towel is Right for Me?

The Bali Market has five different styles of Turkish towels, and multiple colors within each style. So how do you know which towel is right for you? Depends on how you plan to use your towel.

Here's a quick breakdown of how to determine which style of The Bali Market Turkish towel matches your unique needs.

Striped Turkish Towel

I'm looking for a towel to bring to the beach.
I'd like to use it as a sarong.
I want natural colored fringes and stripes.

Your Towel: Saltwater Stripe

Herringbone Turkish Towel

I'd like to use the towel mostly as a blanket.
I plan to use it as home decor
I want a high-end look and feel

Your Towel: Herringbone

 Thick turkish towel

I'll mostly use it as a bath towel
I'd like a towel that's soft and thicker.
I want a towel that's pre-shrunk
I'd like a washcloth (available in the bundles)

Your Towel: Essential Stripe

Waffle Weave Turkish towel

I want a solid color
I like a thin towel with a little texture
I want to use it as a throw blanket

Your Towel: Waffle Weave

Striped Grey Turkish towel

I'm looking for the classic Turkish towel
I want the most versatile towel
I want the most color options
I want a thin towel I can use as a sarong
I want white fringes and stripes

Your Towel: Perfect Classic

Turkish towel sets

I'd like a matching set
I'd like a washcloth

Your Towel: Bundles

Grace Druecke
Grace Druecke

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