Our 7 Turkish Towels

Choose the Best Turkish towels for your Style


perfect classic turkish towel with stripes

Lightweight, stylish, and densely woven. Soft, strong, and absorbent yet quick-drying and space saving. Great towel for travel, backpacking, camping, the beach and home. Keep one in your car for hot seats in the summer, a stylish wrap on cool nights, a protective layer for sitting at your kid's soccer practice, or just drying off from running to the car through the rain. Reversible with white hand-tied tassels. Available in several colors. Our most popular towel will leave you wanting to take one with you everywhere. 



Essential Stripe Turkish Towel

A slightly thicker towel than The Perfect Classic. Buttery soft, densely woven. Super supple and available in several natural shades.  Matching Turkish wash cloth with terry side available to round out your bath, hand and wash cloth bath set. Or purchase the hand and washcloth for your kitchen, barbecue or as a hostess gift.    


waffle weave turkish towelA super absorbent towel. Airy waffle weave texture for superior absorbency and softness. Slightly plush and natural tassels make this solid colored towel a top choice for classic and modern homes and bathrooms. 
If you haven't felt the luxurious feel of a waffle weave Turkish towel, you're missing out. This is a favorite towel that doubles as a stylish scarf, shawl or purse wrap for potential chilly occasions and airplane travel.


Our biggest Turkish towel. Using the same classic, double-sided, stripe pattern

extra large turkish towel beach blanket with tassels and stripes

and weave as The Perfect Classic, our extra large Turkish towel is big enough to be a picnic blanket, a throw or a bed cover for up to a king size bed. Still absorbent and quick drying yet cool and comfortable for sleeping through warm nights. Have pets? This xl Turkish towel is excellent for protecting your bed linens from dog hair and cat fur. 


turkish towel without fringe no tasselsReady to embrace the Turkish towel craze but not quite ready to give up the plush of your terry towel? The Gateway Turkish Towel will provide you with the look of a Turkish towel and one side that is a full peshtemal with an opposite side that is terry. Still absorbent and beautiful in any home. Try this  Turkish towel and you'll soon be a convert to our lightest weight Turkish towels.    

Regardless of the Turkish towel you choose, you'll find their durable, soft, absorbent, quick-drying qualities make them the perfect choice for home or travel. 


Just in time for fall, this towel is a favorite among our male customers due to its 

stripe turkish towel throw with fringe tassels for men

masculine design and uber soft, heavyweight peshtemal. Great decor for a modern look and streamlined design. As absorbent as any Turkish towel. This style is thicker and softer than the Perfect Classic. Comparable to Essential Stripe and Diamond designs. Like all of our other Turkish towels, this one doesn't skimp on size. So, wet or dry, you'll love wrapping up in its coziness.  


diamond turkish throw towel with tassels fringeThe Diamond design Turkish Towel is our latest addition to the lineup of peshtemals from The Bali Market. Another buttery soft, super absorbent Turkish towel comparable to Essential Stripe and Vertical Stripe designs. The design is versatile and loved by both our male and female customers. The color palette is perfect for any season but spot on for fall decorating and a seasonal bath towel refresh. You and your guests will love wrapping up in these towels - whether straight out of the shower or just lounging around.   
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