Cruise Towels Intro


No matter if this is your first cruise or your 100th you know that it is going to be amazing.  The onboard amenities, shows, views, food and don't forget the drinks! You have your perfect outfits picked out and you are ready to go, but wait! Did you pack a towel? Strange question huh.  Cruise ships are amazing but their towel situation could use some work.  Particularly the beach/chair towels.  They are usually small, they hold a ton of sand, and trying to stuff 4 of them in a backpack for your family on shore day is never fun.  Discover the joy of our towels made from 100% Turkish cotton and hand loomed in Turkey by skilled artisans.  These towels pack up small, dry quickly, don't pick up sand, and look amazing.

Below we have a few recommendations for you to help you find that perfect towel for your cruise adventure!

First up, is our Essential Stripe towel.  These towels are super soft which feels amazing against your skin.  They pack small but are oversized when unpacked.  They come in a number of beautiful colors to match your beach outfit too!.  You can roll or fold them and easily fit four in the same space a single cruise line beach towel would take up.  They dry you quickly and then dry quickly so you can easily toss them back in you bag when your ready to explore.  Additionally given how big they are they make a great cover up when you want to run to bar for another drink!