The best beach towel is a Turkish towel

Turkish towels are the best beach towels ... here's why

First created in the 17th century, Turkish towels were designed to be extremely absorbent cloths that were used after a relaxing Turkish bath. They’re considered to be the first towels ever invented and for centuries, they’ve also been seen as the most efficient way to dry off. Here are a couple of reasons why we think that a Turkish towel is the best beach towel that you can buy.

1. Turkish Towels are huge towels that cover the whole body, but you can also lay on them

Turkish towels are typically much larger than the average beach towel because they’re designed to be comfortably wrapped around your body. This will help you get the towel around your entire body which helps you dry off much faster. It also means that there’s more surface area to pick up water, meaning it’ll soak up much more water than the average towel.

They’re also great for laying on thanks to their large size. At the beach, you can lay Turkish towels on the sand to be used as a comfortable mat. The large size of these towels makes them some of the best beach towels around.

warm up with a Turkish towel

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2. Turkish beach towels are the best for packing

One of the biggest issues we have with towels is that they can be really big and bulky, especially when you want to bring a large one to the beach or with you on holiday. Thankfully, Turkish towels can be rolled or folded very compactly, meaning they take up a lot less space in your luggage while unfolding into a larger than normal beach towel.

So if you’re looking to cut down on bulk when going to the beach, consider getting yourself a Turkish towel.

turkish towels shake off sand

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3. It’s easy to shake debris and sand from a Turkish beach towel

It can often be a nightmare trying to shake debris and sand off a terry cloth towel.  All the loops and loose threads simply trap the sand making it very difficult to rid the towel of it without a good washing. Turkish towels are tightly handwoven with a unique pattern that helps to wick away sand debris just by shaking it, making them the perfect beach towel if you’re tired of bringing sand into your home and washing machine.

4. Turkish towels absorb a lot of water very quickly

Due to the 100% Turkish cotton used in a Turkish towel, they have extremely high absorbency. This is because Turkish cotton has longer fibers than most other types of cotton, meaning each fiber can absorb a lot more water. This makes Turkish towels a brilliant beach towel that will help you dry off when you’re out of the water, but it also makes them great for post bathing and swimming.

5. Turkish towels are the best for drying quickly

Turkish towels air-dry very quickly thanks to the intricate weave. You can simply hang them up after using them to dry off and they’ll be dry before you know it. You don’t even need to tumble dry them after washing; you can simply hang them up and let the wind do its work. This helps you save a lot of time and money, and it means you’ll always have a fresh towel ready to be used. And due to their quick-dry characteristics, they are much less likely to get that mildew, musty smell traditional towels get so quickly.

quick drying turkish towel

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6. They make a stylish beach fashion accessory

Another reason why Turkish towels are so popular at beaches is that they look fantastic. They usually come in many different patterns and colors, making them unique fashion accessories. They can be used as a quick cover-up or even a sarong. Since they’re really light as well, they won’t add a lot of weight to your outfit and you can just throw them on when you need an extra layer or a bit of color to perk up your outfit.

turkish towel for travel

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7.  They’re great for carrying items too

If you ever need to carry several small, loose items you can turn a Turkish towel into a quick knapsack. Since they’re made from strong and durable materials, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t rip or tear when holding up heavier items. They’re also really big towels, meaning you can create a pretty big knapsack you can throw over your shoulder for easy packing.

knapsack turkish towel

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8. Turkish towels come in colors that won’t fade from the sun

Many Turkish towels are designed to be used on beaches because they come in colors that won’t fade in the sun. Your towel will always look as vibrant as the day you bought it, and you don’t need to worry about the colors or patterns fading away due to the sun’s UV rays. This helps the towel last longer and means you can pick your favorite colors and patterns with peace of mind knowing they’ll always look as good.

striped colorful turkish towels on beach chairs

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9. You can create shade with Turkish towels

Turkish towels are also perfect for creating a bit of shade in a pinch. If you ever need a bit of refuge from the sun, then you can use the tassels to tie your Turkish towel to a tree or pole and have it block the sun. The tight weave helps it block out the sun and the light weight means it won’t sag when you hang it up somewhere. The large size of a Turkish towel also helps it provide more shade against the sun.

10. They’re really soft on the skin

Despite being so absorbent and tough, Turkish towels are really soft to the touch and feel lovely against the skin. Other heavy towels can feel a bit rough on the skin and the fibers can eventually harden which ruins the softness. And if your terry towel collects a bunch of sand, forget it. You might as well snuggle up with a sheet of sandpaper. With a Turkish towel, you can rest assured knowing your towel will continue to be soft for much longer. Many people even use Turkish towels as a quick blanket when it gets a little windy on a beach or once the sun goes down.

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So if you’re looking for a versatile beach towel that can do all of the above, why not consider getting a Turkish towel? They come in lots of different patterns and colors so you can get something personalized for your tastes, and there are just so many uses for Turkish towels thanks to their large size, absorbent qualities, and how lightweight they are. They’re the best towel for travel on beach vacations, but also great as a general towel in the home as well.

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