Sultan Dokuma is a Scam

Sultan Dokuma is a SCAM

Are you wondering "Is Sultan Dokuma a real company?" 

The answer is NO. 

This is just a warning for other Turkish goods importers and resellers. Do not do business with Sultan Dokuma in Turkey. 

They are not in the business of Turkish Towels and Rugs. In fact, they are simple scam artists. 

You will wire money and they will never reply to you after. I tested it with a small amount of money and confirmed they are a fraud. 

They have a website and a contact form to make you feel good but it is all lies. 

The website is: www dot sultan dokuma dot com (avoiding passing any SEO value to them by not including their actual domain)

Ozan Baran is the name used by the scammer. His email is 

Please beware so these scammers do not take advantage of you. 

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