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Six Minimalist Items I Can't Live Without

Yes, Minimalists own things...

There are a few staple items I notice myself using all the time. Like the few items in my closet I always grab, there are household items that get used more often than others. They're items I love because they make my life simpler. 

Minimalism isn't about owning nothing. It's about owning things you love that make your life better. The following six items are things I truly love and use daily (there are no affiliate links here, just me sharing what I actually use in my own home).

Ikea POKAL Glasses - Water, juice, milk, cold brew, tea, wine. These glasses feel appropriate for all beverages. And, you can use them for hot or cold! Their classic styling and utilitarian uses make these glasses ideal. I donated my other glasses and just use these now. $4.99 for six.




Lavish Comforts White Comforter - I used to use a duvet cover until I started using a Lavish Comforts duvet (comforter). It's washable and so soft. There's no need to cover it. This saves the hassle of putting a duvet cover on - because it's a total pain in the butt. 

white comforter with turkish towels for minimalist design


Crate & Barrel Logan Stacking Mugs - Even though my glasses can be used for hot beverages, I still prefer a handled mug for my morning coffee. When we downsized our home I had to re-think our "mug cupboard". We have large countertops so I found these stackable mugs. They can sit on the counter - they look clean and organized plus it's easy to grab one and to put them away.  I have a set of four and it's plenty. $4.95 each.

logan stacking mugs for minimalist design



FulCandles - The packaging alone is ideal for any minimalist home. It's a clean design with simple black text on a white label. With names like Joyful and Grateful, the candles are nice reminders to live a fuller life.  They're pretty and have a subtle fragrance. I find myself lighting one nightly. Starting at $12.

 ful candles for minimalist design


Target Black Laundry Basket - I've spent more money on fancy laundry baskets than I care to admit. After reading how another minimalist was digging her black accessories, I thought a laundry basket would be an easy place to try it out for myself. I surprisingly love it! It looks sleek tucked under the open shelving in our main bathroom and it's easy to hide away dirty kid's clothes. $3.99 in Target stores.

black laundry basket from target


Turkish Towels/Blankets - Well, you know my house is filled The Bali Market towels and blankets but I really do use them. Everyday. All the time. It's a good thing I can fit 8+ towels in the wash at a time because I have a slight problem... Starting at $12.00


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