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Turkish Lounge Chair TowelåÊ

You are going to love these limited edition lounge chair covers with fold over top. It'såÊ Turkish towel but the convenience of the fold over top means you won't be fighting with the top of the towel to stay up behind your back. And since it's a towel, you can wear it, wrap it, roll it, fold it or use it a nap sack just like your other Turkish towels.åÊåÊ

Lounge chair cover with fold over top for secure placement on your chair. Made of our favorite SULTAN fabric, this is an extremely soft and absorbent towel and chair cover.åÊ

100 % fine Turkish Cotton

Yarn dyed and pre-washed to improve color retention even in the sun.

  • 16 oz
  • 78 x 185 cmåÊ
  • Fold over 35 cm

Customer Reviews

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Dara Caudle (Orlando, US)
Lounge Chair Cover

This is a great lounge chair cover. I was using another one that was very bulky and hard to fold and pack up. This one is so nice and lightweight and easily folds up nice without all the bulk. Quick drying too! Love it. Blessings!!!!

Aren't they convenient - and so soft right out of the bag. I never realized how much I appreciated not having to setup my towel over and over after getting off my lounge chair until I had one of these! Thanks for the picture - that's one of my favorite colors! Thanks for the review!!

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