Men's Tactical Towel - Black

Men's Tactical Towel - Black

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Bali Tactical towels are man sized and built for adventure. They're rugged and utilitarian for travel and every day use. Woven from durable Turkish cotton, these towels are practical, lightweight and packable for the backcountry minimalist. 

Rolls compactly to reduce weight and bulk in your pack. 

Available in two basic colors.


  • Lightweight cotton dries quickly
  • Rolls compactly for packing
  • Generously man-sized
  • Utilitarian uses


Bath, camping, backpacking, beach, hiking, travel, campfires, van life, adventures


Striped bath towels. 100% long-fiber Turkish cotton. Woven.

Generously sized at 40" x 70"


Machine wash on gentle, tumble dry low or hang to dry. Durable to last season to season.

Simple return policy, fast and free shipping on orders over $50. 


Customer Reviews

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Men's Tactical Towel - Black


Nice and thick, quality made. I am very happy with my purchase!

Awesome towel

This towel is amazing and awesome.
I love how small it folds up to, almost the size of a washcloth, but it does an amazing job absorbing water. I say amazing because never in a million years did I think I towel this light would do any good drying me off after a shower.
After I am done drying off, I hang it up in the shower, and it is dry within 15-20 minutes. Ready to fold and put away just like that.
Each time I wash it, it gets softer too.
It's not as big a deal to me as a guy, but I will say it does look nice and stylish too.

Amazingly awesome towel from an equally awesome company

This towel is amazing, awesome. I ditched all my big fluffy traditional towels after the first time I used this towel.
I love how absorbent it is, and especially because it doesn't look like it would be.
We live in a tiny home, so the fact that this towel is completely dry within minutes after I dry off from the shower is a huge bonus. No more wet, or sort of wet, towels hanging around on curtain rods to dry.
Because it dries so fast, is smells clean and fresh each time you use it.
Another huge bonus for us is how small it folds up to. I can keep it in the same drawer as my t-shirts. I never could do that with the big cotton towels.
Then we have Grace and the amazing company she has built. Grace is a treat to converse with via e-mail. She is super friendly and helpful. Her company is doing great things for women and the families they support as well as the community.
I bought this towel, then two others right away.
I am so glad I found my way to this website and bought these towels. They are game/life changers. Seriously.

Perfect Gift!

This towel was the perfect gift for my husband - mostly because I use it as much as he does! We both adore this particular towel - truth be told I have multiple Bali Turkish towels but the tactical one is different. It’s a bit thicker and more absorbent in my opinion, and makes my husband feel more rugged compared to using my thinner Bali towels. It’s still soft and comforting without feeling too feminine. We’ve taken this one everywhere - high quality/thick enough to be used as a light blanket on cool nights during camping trips, as a towel for the beach or at the pool, durable enough that my dog can sit on it with dirty paws in the car. It cleans up well and still looks like new even after multiple washes. The darker color is classic and refined. I bought my dad one, and my father in law one too. They both rave about them also! Great gift - especially if you are the recepient :)

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