Which Turkish Towel is Right for Me?

I'm looking for a towel to bring to the beach.
I'd like to use it as a sarong.
I want natural colored fringes and stripes.
- Saltwater Stripe
Striped Turkish towel
I'd like to use the towel mostly as a blanket.
I plan to use it as home decor
I want a high-end look and feel
- Herringbone
Herringbone Turkish towel
I'd like a towel that's soft and thick.
I want a towel that's pre-shrunk
I'd like a washcloth (available in the bundles)
- Essential Stripe
Turkish beach towel
I want a solid color
I like a little texture to my towels
- Waffle Weave
Waffle Weave Turkish towel
I'm looking for the classic Turkish towel
I want the most versatile towel
I want the most color options
I want white fringes and stripes
- Perfect Classic
Classic Turkish towel
I'd like a matching set
I'd like a washcloth
- Bundles
Turkish towel sets