Perfect Classic - Turkish Bath & Beach Towel - Navy

  • The Original Bali Towel and still a customer favorite.

    Woven from light yet durable Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified Turkish cotton, these towels are soft, thirsty, dry quickly and provide versatile uses to help you live with less, but better.

    Some Turkish bath towels will lint and pucker but not this one. True hand woven quality means these will last through the years. Fringe details and smooth supple cotton make this a classic your home desires. Why mess with perfection?

    Not fussy, super versatile. Soft and simple. Ideal for bath and beach.

    Also available in a 4 Piece Bundle


Customer Reviews

Based on 108 reviews
LOVE these towels!

Ok, I might be converted for life. These are SO absorbent, even on first use! (I did follow their suggestion of soaking them overnight before using them the first time). They're not soft and fluffy, but they're not scratchy either (once you soak them). They sort of feel like a big, soft dish towel? The way it absorbs is similar to a paper towel — it starts soaking up water immediately upon contact, and the wet spot spreads out across the towel until you're dry. It definitely dries my body faster than a traditional towel (it doesn't rub any water around like the towels you're used to). It's very thin and lightweight. After a shower, I dried off my whole body in like 15 seconds and then had my (long) hair wrapped in it for 15-20 mins, and the towel was completely dry in just a couple hours (WAY faster than a typical bath towel). I can't imagine these holding onto a musty smell like a bath towel either. I haven't tried it at the beach, but I would imagine under a hot sun, it would dry in well under an hour. The true color of the light blue is somewhere in between the first two photos listed (it's a little more of a true blue than the robin's egg or grey pictured—there's no green in it). I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars on the luxury front (it doesn't necessarily feel like something you'd get at a fancy hotel, and it will only hang wrinkle-free as pictured straight out of the dryer), but it's definitely nice, and I will totally take one star less on the overall luxury feel in exchange for the incredible performance and versatility. I'd 100% buy these again! When I can afford to, I'd love to get every family member their own set in their own color—would make home life and travel so easy.

Pretty Cool So Far

I've only used once so far but pretty impressed by the absorbency and quickness to dry. Planning on using during an upcoming thru hike so it will definitely be put to the test for all kinds of uses! I think the size will be just right.

Love how fast they dry

These towels are beautiful and look so pretty hanging in my bathroom. They are much thinner than I expected so I was skeptical but they really are super absorbent! Way more than any towel I have ever had and so soft. I love how fast they dry too.

Even better than expected

These towels are the first thing I’ve bought in a long time that actually exceeded my expectations. The hand towels dry so fast- it just feels so hygienic. Wish I had ordered these towels ages ago. Extremely happy with this purchase.

Love these Towels

This has been my first experience with true Turkish towels. I bought the set of two large bath towels and two hand towels. My husband and I both love them. They are so light, it's hard to believe they are as absorbent as they are -- certainly better than the fluffy terry towels that take up so much room in the linen closet! I am a believer.

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