Turkish Cotton Towel & Blanket Set for Baby

Air Blue
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Limited Edition Baby Blanket, Towel & Burp Rag Set -

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The best blanket for baby - and for all seasons.

Durable. Cozy. Beautiful.

The Essential Blanket wraps your baby in cozy goodness with its heavy-duty weight and vintage softness.

What makes them so cozy?

100% first-grade Turkish cotton weaving technique unique to our artisans.

These blankets are densely woven to keep the chill out and the cozy in. The towel will dry off baby quickly. The unique weave creates a soft, buttery feel created from craftsmanship, not chemicals.

Quality materials + Original craftsmanship = A durable and versatile blanket, towel, burp rag and wash cloth.

Use year round - warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Folds compactly for storage. A modern look for a modern mom - or dad!

Washes up vintage soft. Feels warm to the touch.


  • Double thickness provides weighted warmth and versatility
  • Farmhouse stitched edges
  • Folds compactly
  • Machine washable
  • Warm in the winter, cool in the summer


Double sided: Colorwith cream stripes and cream wit air blue, yellow or pink stripes on reverse.

100% long-fiber Turkish cotton.

We are only specialized in manufacturing hand loomed old technique machines, so our fabrics are more durable than the mass produced ones. Because our machines' idle speeds are nearly 80% less than mass production machines, the yarns are not harmed as much and our products do not lose their "new" look for longer time. Our colors do not fade away.

Since our motto is "for nature's sake" we do not use any harmful chemicals. Our product absorbs better and gets even more absorbent and soft after a couple of washes.


Machine wash on gentle, tumble dry low or air dry. With gentle care, will last through the years.


75 x 75 cm reversible, with hood Turkish towel. One side pesh fabric, other side thin terry towel, stitched together

50 x 70 cm reversible Turkish burp towel. One side pesh fabric, other side thin terry towel, stitched together

20 x 20 cm small reversible Turkish wash cloth. One side pesh fabric, other side thin terry towel, stitched together

100 x 100 cm reversible blanket. One side pesh fabric, other side thin terry towel stitched together

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