Perfect Classic - Light Blue

This is the Original The Bali Market Turkish towel. Woven from light yet durable Turkish cotton, these towels are thirsty, dry quickly and provide versatile uses to help you live with less, but better.

Some Turkish bath towels will lint and pucker but not this one. True hand woven quality means these will last through the years. Fringe details and smooth supple cotton make this a classic your home desires. Why mess with perfection?

Use as a lightweight and oversized travel towel. They roll compactly so you'll travel lighter. Effortlessly pairs with your bathroom decor and suitable for all family members. Not fussy, super versatile. Soft and simple. 

Available in eight colors. This will remain a go-to with many uses.


  • Lightweight cotton dries quickly
  • Rolls compactly for travel, small spaces, and lighter laundry loads
  • Classic style and natural fibers
  • Versatile for bath, beach or travel


Bath, oversized beach towel, blanket, travel towel, beach cover-up, yoga class, table runner... we could go on and on. 


Striped bath towels. 100% long-fiber Turkish cotton. Woven.

Generously sized at 40" x 70" (compared to a regular bath towel which is typically 27" x 52")


Machine wash on gentle, tumble dry low or air dry. With gentle care, will last through the years.

Aside from being oh-so pretty, The Bali Market towels get better with use, so go ahead and use them daily! Create bath towel sets by ordering 2 or more.


Free US shipping over $100 + simple returns.




Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Functional (definitely cool-toned grey!)

I ordered a set of light grey towels for the master bath and this one for the guest bath (since the waffle-weave beige was out of stock). In terms of functionality, it's fabulous! I'm afraid the color was much more "cool" grey than neutral or warm, so it didn't look quite right with the rest of my other decor (other warm tones in the room will definitely make it look more navy than charcoal colored). If you've got a cool grey house, though, this is for you!


Love how quickly these towels dry (even in humid Houston)!

First Time Buyer

I used a Turkish cotton towel for the first time at a recent hotel stay. I just loved the soft thin fabric and its phenomenal absorbency, so had to buy one. The fabric of the Perfect Classic is substantially different than my hotel experience...not near as soft and not as absorbent. However, I'm hopeful both will improve with washings as advised.

Perfect Classic might not be perfect for me

I believe I ordered the wrong towel. The Perfect Classic does absorb water very well. It dries super fast too. The towel also does soften up quite a bit after using it a few times as promised. But to be honest I don’t really like this towel. I have very sensitive skin and it is still too rough for me. If you dont have sensitive skin I believe that the Perfect Classic would be a home run. I did however purchase a Waffle towel and it is much softer and I think this one might be for me. I have to wash it but it is much softer even prior to washing than the Perfect Classic. Fingers crossed.

If only I could wear these ...

I LOVE my towels so much, I look for ways to use/wear them longer. I am thrilled to have found The Bali Market!

Considering The Bali Market for Turkish towels?

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