Perfect Classic - 4-Piece Set

Light Grey
Air Blue
Light Blue
White with Grey Stripes
  • Our #1 selling, high absorbing, all-in-one Turkish towel set (15% savings)

    What's more personal than a towel? Think about it. You use one every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to dry your hands, your face, and body. It's very personal. So you shouldn't use just any old towel. You should use a Perfect Classic.

    Set includes:

    • 2 bath/beach towels

    • 2 hand towels

    Replace Your Bulky, Mismatched Towels.

    The Perfect Classic is our most versatile towel. It absorbs water quickly off your skin then air-dries fully to stay fresher longer. Delight your family and your guests with fresh, never musty, towels.

    Even better, when you buy this set you’re getting extra savings.

    Why Is Turkish Cotton the Best?

    It’s important for a towel to be absorbent. So we use long-fiber Turkish cotton. The long fibers allow our towels to be thin yet high absorbing and durable.

    And because each towel is woven with first-grade Turkish cotton, it will never lint or pucker.

    Our Perfect Classic Turkish towels set quickly absorbs water off your skin more effectively than towels costing twice as much.


Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Enjoying my turkish cotton

Was intrigued by all of the different ads I was seeing for turkish cotton. Chose Bali Market based on price and current availability. The 4-piece set was the best value I found and all of Bali Market's products were 100% turkish cotton. The quick drying and space saving attributes of these towels really sold me. I'm a convert! ... and they are soooo soft!

You'll Be Surprised

I am new to the idea of using a different type of bath towel than the standard plush/terry type. I am pleasantly surprised at how soft, absorbent, and quick drying the Turkish towels from The Bali Market are. The colors are beautiful, and the towels wash well. I enjoy seeing them on my towel rack in the bathroom and using them.


I love discovering items that other cultures use which improve my life. These Turkish towels are indeed that. I love the softness; I love the absorbency; I love the connectedness with other cultures; i love how they look in my bathroom. After my purchase, I bought one for a gift for a special friend who loves the gift too. A beautiful, practical find.

Best towels ever

Soft. Dry fast. Look classy in my bathroom and kitchen. I can take anywhere. What's not to love!?


I gave them as an anniversary gift. Very much appreciated

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