Turkish Bath Towels - Turkish Towel Set

Perfect Classic - 4-Piece Set

Light Grey
Air Blue
Light Blue
White with Grey Stripes
  • Our #1 selling, high absorbing, all-in-one Turkish towel set (15% savings)

    What's more personal than a towel? Think about it. You use one every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to dry your hands, your face, and body. It's very personal. So you shouldn't use just any old towel. You should use a Perfect Classic.

    Set includes:

    • 2 bath/beach towels

    • 2 hand towels

    Replace Your Bulky, Mismatched Towels.

    The Perfect Classic is our most versatile towel. It absorbs water quickly off your skin then air-dries fully to stay fresher longer. Delight your family and your guests with fresh, never musty, towels.

    Even better, when you buy this set you’re getting extra savings.

    Why Is Turkish Cotton the Best?

    It’s important for a towel to be absorbent. So we use long-fiber Turkish cotton. The long fibers allow our towels to be thin yet high absorbing and durable.

    And because each towel is woven with first-grade Turkish cotton, it will never lint or pucker.

    Our Perfect Classic Turkish towels set quickly absorbs water off your skin more effectively than towels costing twice as much.


Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Love these Towels

This has been my first experience with true Turkish towels. I bought the set of two large bath towels and two hand towels. My husband and I both love them. They are so light, it's hard to believe they are as absorbent as they are -- certainly better than the fluffy terry towels that take up so much room in the linen closet! I am a believer.

Beach towels

Received 2 as a Christmas gift. I am building a Pool so daughter thought these would be useful. I erused one after a shower as I was skeptical since they were so thin. Wonderful towels, very absorbent and lightweight and dryer quickly. Since I also have a hot tub I decided to order more and use the $10 off coupon. Well, I forgot to use the coupon.... oh well! Great towels!!

Camping towels

As we researched living in a camper, the importance of using products with multiple purposes came up repeatedly. Also having towels that are absorbent yet dry quickly. Turkish towels were often mentioned as the solution. So we are trying them out at home first, and we both really liked them - soft, absorbent, dry fast, and are large enough to use at the beach and the bath. Delivery was within just days of ordering. We want to try the waffle weave too.

Love it

My favorite towel

Great for unique gifts

We have used these fantastic towels for our own family for the last few years- so great for travel, beach/lake/pool time, camping-our most recent purchase was for a wedding gift. Always gift what you love!

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