Turkish Cotton Blanket with Farm Stitching

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The Essential Blanket - Taupe

The Essential Blanket wraps you in cozy goodness with its heavy-duty weight and vintage softness. 

What makes them so warm? 100% Turkish cotton and a hand-loomed weaving technique unique to our artisans. 

The blankets are thin but Turkish cotton has long strands of fiber - allowing for a dense weave - keeping chilly air out. The unique weave creates a soft, buttery feel that is created from craftsmanship, not by chemicals.

Quality materials + Original craftsmanship = A durable and versatile blanket

The blanket you'll fight over, but thankfully it’s large enough to snuggle under.

Use year round - warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Generously sized - You can cuddle up on the couch or use it to cover the end of a King bed. Folds compactly and looks sleek slung over the back of the sofa. This blanket performs double duty in the living room or bedroom.

Washes up vintage soft. Feels warm to the touch. Classic farmhouse stitching adds casual comfort to your home. 


  • Double thickness provides weighted warmth and versatility
  • Oversized and folds compactly 
  • Machine washable
  • Warm in the winter, cool in the summer


Living room, bedroom, car, picnics, camping, cabins, lake homes, boating.


Double sided - Taupe with cream stripes and cream with taupe stripes on reverse. 100% long-fiber Turkish cotton. Woven. Generously sized at 67" x 87" (fits the length of a King bed)


Machine wash on gentle, tumble dry low or air dry. With gentle care, will last through the years.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Light weight but cosy

I bought two blankets to go on our split King sleep number bed. It's great because if our mattresses are not set at the same position one of us doesn't end up uncovered! These are soft and light weight blankets but keep me cosy all night.

Best Blanket

This has to be one of the best blankets I have ever purchased.Its so soft and very well made.Everyone in my family is wanting one.If your on the fence about this blanket rest assured it’s beautiful and very stylish you will love it.

Beautiful blanket

This blanket is absolutely beautiful. I first bought the navy and love it. It's very large, soft, super cozy and warm. Perfect for cuddling up on the sofa. I have since purchased three more, two white ones which I got during the bin sale which were perfect and then the grey. I have given one to my daughter and she absolutely loves it. Another was given to a friend who was recently released from the hospital.
I will continue to buy more in the future. Will make a great housewarming gift.

Love it!

The kind of blanket I've been looking for for a few years: durable, cozy, and beautiful, and as a bonus, I think it's ethically made. The only thing is I wish it was a solid grey, without the white stripes.

Super soft and warm blanket

We love how toasty warm this blanket is and how stylish it looks.
The size is really cool as it is super big and covers you up real good. Even tall people like my wife (6'2") and I (6'5").
Even better is how small it folds down to. We can fit it in a small drawer really easy, but we choose to leave it out since it looks so stylish and classy. Not only does it keep us warm, but it makes our tiny home look nice too.
The blanket is a breeze to clean. We get some dog hair on ours, and it either shakes out or a quick vacuum (small hand held) run over it and the hair is gone.
This isn't like the cheap blankets you can get at a department store that will fall apart or start looking worn out after you wash it a few times.
It also makes us feel good to buy a blanket from someone like Grace who cares about other people and their well being too.

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