We offer the softest, most versatile blankets made of the finest, softest Turkish cotton for any occasion. We have four styles to choose from:

The Essential Blanket is a heavier throw for cozying up on the sofa, on your bed or at the park. 

The Blanket Bag Combo is a perfect beach, pool or picnic blanket as it folds up into its own bag and offers a small pocket for phone, keys, sunscreen and more. 

Our Baby Blanket & Turkish Towel Set with matching super soft blanket, burp rag, wash cloth and towel complete the full set to keep baby cozy, warm and dry. 

And finally the XL Turkish Towel is just that. Our Perfect Classic in a giant size that will cover a king size mattress. Use it for a beach or picnic blanket or a bed cover. Shake dirt and sand off easily, rolls up small and washes up clean and dries fast!


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