Waffle Weave Bath Towel - Grey

Waffle Weave Bath Towel - Grey

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Our softest and most absorbent towel. This lint free towel features a waffle texture and rolls and packs perfectly without wrinkling. The perfect grey bath towel for home and travel.

The Details: 100% cotton 40 x 70 in. featuring waffle/honeycomb texture with natural fringes. Each fringed towel is thin, lightweight and dries in a flash. These large bath towels pack easily for a spa towel, beach time, splash pad, or hot yoga mat towel. Also works great as a kids bath towel or kids beach towel. These soft towels make an adorable baby bath towel.

Buy two or more to make a bath towel set.

And aside from being oh-so super pretty, The Bali Market towels get better with use, so go ahead and use them daily!


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very pleased

I ordered several of your bath towels, and have been very pleased with the quality and feel of them. They are very absorbent and dry quickly. Will be taking them on our trip to Europe this summer. If we don't use them as a towel, we can use them as a throw, or for a picnic. Love the size.

SUCH an awesome towel!

My husband was extremely resistant to switch from conventional towels to Turkish towels- but this towel won him over. You can't go wrong with this purchase.

Soft and absorbant while looking fabulous

This is the ninth towel in our Bali Market collection.
All are amazing.
This towel is perfect for drying off after a shower. It's really big, bigger than most traditional towels, yet it folds up to the size of a washcloth.
We live in a tiny home, so this is a huge plus for us.
The fact that it is completely dry minutes after use, just from hanging, is another bonus.
The towel looks really nice hanging up, so it's almost a shame to fold it and put it in a drawer.
We even use this as a shawl or blanket when it gets a little chilly around the house.
The Bali Market is also a great company, run by someone who cares about the environment and others. Grace herself is amazing.
Sure, these cost a little more than the traditional towels, but they are worth every single penny you spend and more.

Love these towels

After moving into a tiny house I was getting frustrated with space for towels. I had been searching for towels that didn’t take up as much space as my big hotel style bath towels, but were also absorbent . I bought two for myself and immediately fell in love. My husband asked to try one. After just one use he ordered towels for himself as well as hand towels. I never thought he’d give up the fluffy towels. Not only do they soak everything up, but they dry so quickly.

Love this towel!

I bought this towel because we don't have enough space for two hanging bars in our bathroom, and I hate how regular towels don't try fast enough on a hook. The waffle weave towel has been incredible and now I want to replace everything with it! I love how fast it dries-- I can take a shower in the morning and a second in the evening and it will be dry by then. These will definitely be going on my Christmas list (if I can wait that long!).

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