What is a Cozy Minimalist? and Why You Might Want to Be One.

Stark. White/Black. Cold. When I think of extreme versions of minimalism I envision empty rooms, void of color. Not an inviting, comfortable space. And certainly not a space I want to raise a family.

So when I talk about minimalism here, the version is much more welcoming. I refer to it as cozy minimalism.

It’s not living with less for the sake of living with less. It’s not sacrificing comfort or pleasure. It’s living with the right amount of stuff that makes life joyful and easier.

Because stuff is just stuff, unless it brings you joy. 

It’s not about having only 150 personal belongings, or throwing out stuff you actually use. It’s about creating a home you love to come home to.

Four Steps Toward Living Like a Cozy Minimalist:

Declutter when and where it feels good - hate your kitchen drawer because you can never find the whisk? - start there.

Take note of items needing a refresh/replacement - dated artwork? dingy pillows? toss and replace with ones you drool over on Pinterest

Discard clothes that make you feel ___ insert: frumpy, fat, depressed, uncomfortable…

Embrace Hygge - Hygge is a Danish approach to enjoying life. More specifically it’s “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”. It’s all about indulgence, relaxation and gratitude. So get your hygge on!



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