Seven Clever Ways to Use A Turkish Towel

Seven Clever Ways to Use a Turkish Towel

Grace Druecke

Founder of The Bali Market


I'll never forget my first Turkish towel.

I loved it to death. But not really, because they last forever and even after years of use it still has lots of life let in it. I bought it on a trip so the first use it had was as a blanket on the airplane. I always get so chilly, but I'm not one to pack a bulky blanket. Or bulky anything, in my carry-on. I'm all about packing light.

That towel was my favorite textile. 

If you've seen Turkish towels online and dreamed of using them, but you're not quite sure how to use them in your life, we're here to share some practical and real-life examples.

Have you seen the beautiful textiles in home decor magazines or on top Instagramer accounts but not sure they'll work for you? 

Lauren contacted me asking: I've never used a Turkish towel before. I see them all the time on Instagram and in magazines and I'm obsessed with how they look but I'm not sure I'll like using one. I've heard they're thin and I don't know if I'll like a thin towel, especially in cooler weather. I don't want to buy something I don't know I'll like.  

This is such a common question and concern. Anytime we try something new we're not sure if our tastes will align with the new product. Especially when we're trying not to waste money and resources. 

If you haven't tried a Turkish towel yet you might be hesitating because you're not sure if you'll like it as a towel. You may also be wondering how to use a Turkish towel. I understand! A towel is super personal and you're accustomed to using a regular towel vs. a Turkish towel. Luckily there are plenty of other ways to use a Turkish towel if you're not convinced yet. So even if you order it, try it as a towel, you don't like it, you still have plenty of other great uses for it. You'll be able to find a different way to use it and you won't ever be stuck with something you don't like. 

 She also mentioned that she wasn't quite sure how to even use a Turkish towel. 

We have lots of happy customers using their The Bali Market towels in different ways. 

For example, Sarah of Flat Creek Farmhouse used hers to put the finishing touches on her bathroom remodel. And Erin of Kismet House made the blues in her living room pop with her Turkish towel with fringe.

We think the best way is to show you how others are actually using their towels and give you new ideas of Turkish towel uses.

Here's a list of five alternative uses featuring real-life customer photos. These are ways that others are currently using their Turkish towels. You can also find other inspirations and Turkish towel reviews on Instagram @thebalimarket:


Erin of @kismet_house loves boho style and uses her towel as a light throw blanket in her CA 1970s beach house. She is so passionate about using her Perfect Classic towel as a throw blanket she commented "The first person to use it as a towel dies!" 

But even if someone did use it as a towel, it would be just fine. Turkish towels soften with use so go ahead and use them!



Ashley from @athomewithashley says "Now that it's warming up, I like to use a Turkish towel for a throw since it's perfectly light while being cozy. And how pretty is that pink color?!" She knows that a hot cup of tea pairs well with a luxuriously cozy blanket.


Here is one way I personally use my towels. These hooks can be found in the background of a few The Bali Market videos including our video review of our unique Waffle Weave towels. It's what welcomes our guests at the entrance of our home.

Erin of @kismet_house also styles her towel on a leaning wall ladder. It's a simple and practical way to store home linens. Towels on ladders are swoon-worthy!


Sarah of @flatcreekfarmhouse renovated her bathroom and used her Perfect Classic towel to compliment her vintage claw foot tub. She says

"We have slowly been getting rid of all the normal bath towels in our home and switching over to either linen or these Turkish towels. The difference is amazing not only in quality but in the size and how quickly they dry after use."

Kaycee of @kayceesogaard is patiently waiting for her bathroom remodel. Until she gets her dream bathroom she's using her Silvery Stripes towel as a temporary and simple upgrade. 


Jyotsna of @cuppajyo took her towel on a few of her trips. She travels around enjoying beaches all over the world and also in her home state of California. 

Beach towels are often bulky and take forever to dry. Turkish beach towels roll up compactly to easily fit in your beach tote. They also dry quickly so you're not packing up a sopping wet towel for the trip home. 

 April @aprilzelenka took her towel on a "don't think, just go" trip to Oahu, Hawaii. She said "When you head to the beach you have to pack the essentials. Sunglasses, wide brimmed hat and one of the adorable Turkish towels by The Bali Market." 



Rocco @rophowa Vanessa @vanessalandit both used their towels in cooler weather as a scarf. The Waffle Weave makes a perfect fluffy blanket scarf! 

This is a great option when traveling as you can wear it as a scarf and then use it as a blanket on the plane.



 Victoria of @thesoutherntrunk spent a day outside with her family and brought along her towel as a spot to sit and have a few snacks. She wrote a cheerful post about her afternoon on her blog  The Southern Trunk.

Rachel of @rachellaurenlucy was moving to her new house and knew she'd be without proper furniture for a bit. She set up this classy picnic to enjoy an afternoon with friends while she was waiting for her furniture to arrive. 

The towels are oversized but for a comfortable space to spread out and adequate room for the snacks we recommend using one towel per 1-2 people. 


Sara of Larks & Co. @shemley took a trip to Costa Rica and used her towel to set up an afternoon lunch on the beach. 

And it doesn't have to be a table on the beach! A The Bali Market Turkish towel can be used as a table runner all the time or for a casual get together. Think brunch, summer BBQs or lunch with the girls. 

As you can see there are lots of different uses for Turkish towels that go way beyond just using them as a bath towel. Being a little nervous about trying them for the first time is normal! But here at The Bali Market we think you'll find simply the perfect use for Turkish towels in your life.

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