What is Hygge? // Hygge Decor for Spring

Danish hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is a major trend right now, and for good reason. In some ways it's about living a cozy life in your home with things that make you feel good and happy. And to get even deeper, the true essence of hygge is about being in the moment and recognizing what makes the moment special. 

Hygge is about creating experiences out of the everyday tasks.

I love that. Because we tend to live for the big events, right? The vacations, the holidays, the parties (well, until you realize you have to put pants on).

But life is what happens in between all those big events. It's the morning rituals, it's the weekday traditions, it's the quiet moments used to reflect on your daily gratitudes. 

Saturday mornings we make pancakes. Because my daughter, and my husband, love them. During the week my 3 year old will request "pancakes with daddy!" so I know it's a tradition she loves. 

We've also taken her to Disney World and she has yet to request "Disney World with daddy!", so again, it's the small, everyday traditions that are deeply important (and memorable). 

As Spring arrives remember to enjoy the little daily moments that make up your life. I challenge you over the next five days to take one task each day and make it an experience. Slow down and be intentional in the moment.

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